"The Softelcom system keeps us all on the same page literally and gives us very quick access to the latest company news and all information. We're able to resolve calls more quickly because we have the total information on hand as we're talking with someone."
M. Larusso
Clients Director
Inveco Group
From 2001 to date, Softelcom has pursued a remarkable climb to its present status: one of the world's leading provider of Information Portal solutions for Sales and Customer Service staff.

Founded in 2001, Softelcom develops solutions and services that allow different companies to deliver extraordinary results in building customer relations. Since its inception, the company has focused on Solutions tailored specifically to the mid-market. In 2006 Softelcom has recently became an international player after merging with Impact Software Solution. To extend expansion on the world markets Softelcom has opened sales/representation offices now in Brazil, Hong-Kong, UK and Russia.

Softelcom are proud of our solid team committed to deliver great results based on strong classic education and wide expertise from different CRM projects. Our multi-tier staffing solution makes possible to customize our solution for every new client.

Beginning in 2001, the creators of the Softelcom solution carried out a vast amount of research into customer-faced business processes - sales, customer service, credit risk management, customer retention etc. in companies which sell products and services on the B2B and B2C markets.

As part of their research, a list of functions of a future solution was formulated, as well as the principles of their implementation and administration. For the convenience of future clients, very simple and ergonomic tools of supervising information have been chosen, allowing the employees with various levels of education and practical skills to use the information most effectively.

At the present time, Softelcom is a complex, fully integrated solution for information support, training and quality assurance of employees at their workplaces - in call centers, front and back offices. This solution works in real time, is fairly scalable, and can be easily administered. It has operational and analytical resources for effectiveness analysis for a search and use of information. Softelcom solutions allows the companies to serve the clients according to the highest standards of customer service. Softelcom stops customer frustration. Customers are received the right information. This empowers your agents to know just what to say to provide highly responsive service. Calls are routed efficiently which means faster service, fewer transfers, quicker issue resolution, no more frustration.