"The Softelcom system keeps us all on the same page literally and gives us very quick access to the latest company news and all information. We're able to resolve calls more quickly because we have the total information on hand as we're talking with someone."
M. Larusso
Clients Director
Inveco Group
Opportunity keeps knocking at Softelcom. We offer a variety of exciting career opportunities for energetic, dynamic, results-oriented people.

As a result of our growth, we have job openings for highly motivated professionals and intern opportunities for young specialists and last year students interested in IT career within our Testing, Legacy, Engineering Departments, and Internal Services.

We invite individuals as well as mature development teams to participate in our projects on a short and/or long-term basis.


Softelcom invites all talented and creative people to join our team. We provide our employees with a unique opportunity to live and work up to their potential, enjoy personal and professional growth within a team of friends and partners.

We strive to create an environment, which would serve as a foundation for creativity, self-realization and personal growth of individuals. We believe that such collaboration will provide our employees with additional motivation and result in exceptional productivity level.

We provide our employees with full support helping to position themselves and fully utilize their skills, talent and energy. Self-improvement through education, training and personal experience is an everyday routine. As a result, career becomes a matter of individual choice and synonym of path to self-realization.

Softelcom offers a number of possible forms of collaboration ?ยป???? work on-site or telecommute remotely, work on a per-contract or full-time employment basis etc. Our taskforce could be organized as a virtual team. Our management is trained to manage heterogeneous clusters of teams and is optimized in structure to prevent excessive multi-level hierarchies.

General requirements
  • being hard working, fast-learner and self-motivated, able to work under pressure and achieve deadlines
  • reliable, analytically minded, open-minded, active, productive, goal oriented
  • energetic and self-sufficient
  • team-player with good interpersonal and communication skills
To Apply please send your resume to careers@softelcom.com