"Softelcom helps to bring a lot of rationality to an otherwise chaotic business."
David Brown
Customer Support
Southstern Mobile
SOFTELCOM is built upon a dedicated framework called the SOFTELCOM Portal. It is a collection of integrated, yet self-sufficient, modules, each implementing one or more features. When a new SOFTELCOM release comes out, each module is upgraded and tested independently. Module self-sufficiency guarantees SOFTELCOM stability when new modules are added. Rigorous load testing ensures that SOFTELCOM is highly scalable in terms of volume of information it stores and in terms of the size and diversity of a user base it supports.

Softelcom Portal has unique modular design that is built on the top of the advanced Softelcom Platform. The Softelcom Platform has structural design that allows tight integration between separate modules as well as provides a number of services that can be utilized by all deployed modules. Due to the innovative flexibility of the Softelcom Platform new modules can be easily developed and integrated into the system for the special needs of the particular customers.

Softelcom Platform is developed in accordance with the Java Portlet specification (JSR-168) and can be deployed with any JSR-168 Java Portlets container such as BEA WebLogic Portal, IBM WebSphere Portal, JBoss Portal, Liferay and many others. This feature allows utilization of all advantages of the J2EE architectural platform as operating system.

Softelcom Portal is ready made to process different kinds of data streams by seamless Integration of the external data sources such as documents repositories (MS Sharepoint, Lotus Notes and etc.) and on-line collaboration software (MS NetMeeting, Sametime etc.) into the product.