"Softelcom affords us the ability to be more customers service-oriented. We're better able to target our customers' needs. Softelcom Portal has really helped contribute to our bottom line by helping us maintain and build relationships with our customers".
Any Shader
Contact Center supervisor
Villa 4 Vacation.
Softelcom is a company where the talent and passion of over two hundred IT professionals - from software engineers to project managers - mix and match to create a spirit of commitment to quality, professionalism and service. We believe that these people are the key to our clients' success and satisfaction.

Our specialists, with an average of 10 years of experience in the IT industry, are self motivated and committed to performing a quality job for you. We bring you access to a broad range of technical skills and knowledge highly valued in today's marketplace.

Softelcom employees have gone through a rigorous selection process, in which we handpick one out of every fifteen applicants for each vacant position. They hold degrees in computer or related sciences from the leading universities of Eastern Europe, with team leaders, project and quality managers having at least five years of experience in their subject fields.