"Softelcom affords us the ability to be more customers service-oriented. We're better able to target our customers' needs. Softelcom Portal has really helped contribute to our bottom line by helping us maintain and build relationships with our customers".
Any Shader
Contact Center supervisor
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SOFTELCOM administration

An administration module
User role setup, user account management, granting and revoking access to content for other competencies and for other geographic regions and other administrative functions, are carried out through the administration module.

Providing content depending on employee skill level and geographic location
When you must provide employees with relevant information taking into account their skill level, job function, and geographic location, you can categorize content according to the following criteria.
- It comes to no surprise that a newbie call center operator and an operator with several years of experience need different quantity of information to handle calls in the most efficient manner. The former needs just enough to be able to answer most general and basic questions (and perhaps escalate the others), while the latter will have to know fine details and be ready to a tricky question from a client. Some employees are curious to learn as much as possible about the job, while others make sure they know just enough to get the job done. For those who wish to excel in their profession, it is possible to provide such an opportunity by feeding in optional and advanced content. Additionally, on certain occasions, to comply with confidentiality requirements, some sensitive information should be restricted to customer support operators only and remain unavailable to the rest of the call center. SOFTELCOM makes it easy to do.
- Just like structuring content depending on skill level, SOFTELCOM lets you structure content depending on geographic location. Your company may have regional offices across the nation and international offices in different countries. There may even be several local offices or various departments at one location that require variable content. Ability of a user to browse through and access content intended for another office can be added or removed as needed by the administrator.

SOFTELCOM provides extensive support for publishing, organizing and structuring of content. Roles of employees involved in the seamless publication and editorial process are designed in such a way that new information from various sources makes its way to readers in a quick and secure fashion, minimizing errors in published materials and preventing unauthorized and untimely release of information. It is very important for large companies and for companies facing strong competition when information leaks pose a serious threat to business. A proper approval process conducted by members of a publication group ensures that right information is deployed as expected.