"Personal attention is a key of success in a financial market. We love the system, but our clients seem to love it even more. The end result is that we're able to provide better service to our investors, increasing our customer base and improving our level of customer satisfactions."
Graciela Saveedra
Vice President Investment
URT Finance
Competitive advantages for SOFTELCOM users

SOFTELCOM is a perfect solution to provide top quality service to your customers. It is designed with large companies in mind, including those with numerous sites nationwide and worldwide. SOFTELCOM offers a range of significant competitive advantages. We asked our customers what competitive advantages they gained by implementing the SOFTELCOM enterprise portal.

Here is a list of answers that we compiled based on their responses:
  1. Higher customer service quality
  2. Better first-contact resolution
  3. Higher client satisfaction and loyalty
  4. More sales
  5. Improved agent satisfaction and loyalty
  6. More accurate training result evaluation
  7. Faster response to calls and decreased search time
  8. Quicker time to market for new products and services
  9. Lower agent learning curve and easier testing
  10. Ability of employees to self-train away from the office
  11. Ability to quickly recruit part-time employees
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Here are eight reports from companies that have put SOFTELCOM work for them on SOFTELCOM deployment impact as measured by key metrics:
  1. First contact resolution rate up from 60% to 72%
  2. First contact resolution rate up from 70% to 80%
  3. Sales growth of 5%
  4. Sales growth of 3%
  5. Improved personnel satisfaction and loyalty (attrition rate down by 5%)
  6. On average, agents using SOFTELCOM spend 5% less time to find the right answer
  7. Time to market for new products and services down by 10%
  8. Employee training and testing expenses dropped 2.5 times
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Use these reports to estimate ROI of SOFTELCOM portal implementation. If your estimates indicate that the portal won’t payoff in 5 months, you must have missed some important factor. Please, contact SOFTELCOM and our experts will help you get an estimate.