"Softelcom affords us the ability to be more customers service-oriented. We're better able to target our customers' needs. Softelcom Portal has really helped contribute to our bottom line by helping us maintain and build relationships with our customers".
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SOFTELCOM deployment and integration

Flexibility in adjusting portal’s look and feel will satisfy even the most demanding customer: fonts, colors, user interface controls and screen layouts can be customized to fit your corporate style and individual user preferences. It is a powerful tool that is convenient to work with, just like a quality home appliance; it will naturally fit into your enterprise "kitchen".
Your portal can be configured to let end-users choose their preferred look and contents of their desktops. Our philosophy is to make workplace comfortable for every user.
Being a web-based solution, the portal can be set up to provide access to your employees from anywhere: from their offices across company’s Intranet or across the Internet when they are away from the office.