"Softelcom helps to bring a lot of rationality to an otherwise chaotic business."
David Brown
Customer Support
Southstern Mobile

The "heart" of the Softelcom portal is providing your staff with immediate access to vital information they need – when they need it. The material in the information module is designed to assist you in gathering and organizing all essential data about your company. This may include a detailed catalogue of products descriptions of services tariff, shipping and pricing information listings of service areas, retail outlets or points of sale and a host of other information about your company.

Softelcom has developed a number of tools within the information module that will increase efficiency and significantly reduce the time required to deal with customer queries or internal employee demands. These include:
  • Interactive charts
  • Step-by-step operator action scripts
  • Tariff calculating schedules for new subscribers
  • Existing customer expense conversion tools
Give your Call Center staff and other employees the upper edge while leveraging their valuable time. By implementing Softelcom’s proven information portal today, you’ll reap the rewards for years into the future.