"Softelcom affords us the ability to be more customers service-oriented. We're better able to target our customers' needs. Softelcom Portal has really helped contribute to our bottom line by helping us maintain and build relationships with our customers".
Any Shader
Contact Center supervisor
Villa 4 Vacation.

Disseminating vital information throughout your company can be an on-going challenge. This is particularly critical for call-center operators or other front-line employees with direct access to customers. Whatever the news - availability of goods in stock, equipment failures, changes in pricing structure, new conditions of service, opening of new offices, or other timely messages - employees in every relevant department need to be alerted quickly, efficiently and accurately to assure enterprise-wide comprehension every time.

Softelcom's intelligent information processes provide news and incident management modules that inform and empower your staff. Employees whose day-to-day roles depend on access to essential information in the shortest possible time, can choose to receive their update announcements by e-mail or SMS. Whatever their position, informed employees are effective employees who can better provide the quality, first-class service your clients deserve.