"Softelcom solution helps me manage the every day pressure of handling the calls that come from our travel clientele around the world . Today with Softelcom Portal , I am able to pay I lot more attention on clients satisfaction and building efficiencies into our help desk processes."
Kate Roa
Customer service
Softelcom offers cost-effective offshore software development services to companies from Western Europe and the USA. Softelcom applies tested project management methodologies for assignments of all sizes and levels of complexity.

We can perform any and all routine maintenance and support functions for legacy applications and systems in order to free up our clients' IT resources to work on more strategic objectives.

Softelcom's independent testing services employ modern testing methodologies and tools that allow our clients to minimize many risks associated with software bugs, incomplete functionality, and inadequate application performance.

We help technology companies in setting up, staffing and managing their own offshore software development centers in Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine. Legal, logistical, tax, payroll and human resource support are parts of our service.

We adopted the build-operate-transfer scenario to mold our offshore outsourcing relationship with our clients. According to this scenario, Softelcom plans, builds, and manages a dedicated team of software engineers and a dedicated facility for a client. The client has the option to take over this entire operation, whenever they are ready to do so.